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Feb 18, 2009 - Taken by Kurt R. Vaagen   

Item of the Day: History

The official AC/DC site posts a 'rarity of the month' every so often, so I figured I could top that and post a rarity of the day. Ok, so not everything will be rare but I figured it would be interesting to see some of the different items floating around that AC/DC or others have put out. Be sure to check the 'Past Items' page in case you miss some.

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September 1: Ballbreaker

CD - Official

Track List
1) Hard as a Rock
2) Cover You in Oil
3) The Furor
4) Boogie Man
5) The Honey Roll
6) Burnin' Alive
7) Hail Caesar
8) Love Bomb
9) Caught with Your Pants Down
10) Whiskey on the Rocks
11) Ballbreaker

Official album.

Year Released: 1995
Country: USA
Label: EastWest
Catalog Number: 61780-2

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Great disc, great songs, great tour, with the return of the one and only Phil, was my first cd, before I had the cassettes, and in this tour was the first time they came here to Argentina and I was there in the River Plate stadium Oct 18, 1996 an unforgettable year.


I bought this & the cassette copy the day it came out. It was early in my senior year of high school and I couldn't wait to get home to listen to it.


They only put out 2 albums in the 90s, but they were pretty great albums. Too bad they have some sort of grudge against Rubin. He's right up there with Mutt, Fairbairn and Bon-era Vanda/Young for being able to bring out the best in the boys.


^ 3 albums bud Razors Edge Live Ballbreaker ;)


and bonfire


^ LOL!! Darn, I forgot about that one!!


Well if you are going to count the boxsets as well there are at least 10 more ;)

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