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Jun 15, 2009 - Taken by Kurt R. Vaagen   

Item of the Day: History

The official AC/DC site posts a 'rarity of the month' every so often, so I figured I could top that and post a rarity of the day. Ok, so not everything will be rare but I figured it would be interesting to see some of the different items floating around that AC/DC or others have put out. Be sure to check the 'Past Items' page in case you miss some.

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September 29: Runaway Train

LP - Bootleg (7")

Track List
Side 1
1) Rock n Roll Train

Side 2
1) Black Ice

Live recordings of each song. Rock n Roll Train is taken from November 9, 2008 in Boston, MA, USA. Black Ice is taken from Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA on October 26, 2008.

Limited to 300 copies. This is #159.

Year Released: 2008
Country: USA
Label: Unknown
Catalog Number: XRX-BI2008

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Wow, another nice 7" I have never seen before! Nate, does 'Rock N Roll Train' have the cartoon intro on this one, or just the track itself? I know on the boots it opens with the intro, but was wondering if this one has the intro as well. Nice ;)


I have 2 versions of this single. The blue one above and i also have it on grey vinyl.


^ So does this have the cartoon intro included with RNRT? How long is 'Rock N Roll Train because with the intro it would be 6 minutes and a little over 4 without.


Shakedown: I do happen to have a lossy copy of this single, and RNRT does not include the intro. It just fades in during the train crash right after the cartoon :)


@ Doctoracdc72 Thanks for letting me know this. I wasn't sure how they release 'Rock N Roll Train' live on a single normally, with or without the intro. Of course the intro is more of something you would watch, but when I listen to a boot from the 'Black Ice' tour, I like how the intro of the train screeching on the tracks and crashing is the segueway into RNR Train!!


this is cool..thanks for sharing

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