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Jun 15, 2009 - Taken by Kurt R. Vaagen   

VH-1 Uncovered

In July of 1996, the band gathered at VH-1 Studios in Londong, England to perform one of the few TV appearances in the Brian Johnson era. They dusted off some classics for this performance, including Riff Raff, Go Down, Down Payment Blues and Gone Shootin to name a few. This was an epic performance.

This release features the rehearsal sessions from this performance, collected for the first time on colored 12" vinyl. Also included is a silkscreen dvd of the entire rehearsal footage. Don't miss out on your chance to have this legendary performance in your hands!

This is a pre-order. We will have the final product in-hand in July, just in time to celebrate 21 years since the date of this performance!

Track List:

  1. Gone Shootin
  2. Go Down
  3. Go Down
  4. Riff Raff
  5. Riff Raff
  6. Riff Raff
  7. Go Down
  8. Funk the Choir Boy
  9. Gone Shootin


$26 for Colored Vinyl & Silkscreen DVD
- 12" Vinyl
- Will be available on red and orange vinyl, but colors subject to change

Shipping costs will be determined by destination

VH-1 Uncovered
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