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May 25, 2010 - Taken by Big Jack   

Concert History


Thursday, January 15, 1981 - Palacio De Los Deportes, Barcelona, Spain

Set List

1) Hells Bells
2) Sin City
3) Back in Black
4) Bad Boy Boogie
5) The Jack
6) What Do You Do for Money Honey
7) Highway to Hell
8) High Voltage
9) Whole Lotta Rosie
10) Rocker
11) You Shook Me All Night Long
12) TNT
13) Let There Be Rock


Supported by Whitesnake

The support group was not Whitesnake, but was the group Midnight to Flyer.

The scene was one night tremendous in the dark lowers a huge bell and Brian strikes it with force and behind Angus touching to Hells Bells in the middle of the concert, Angus disappears of the scene without letting touch the guitar and a center has been locating in the middle of I publish giving it to the return to the enclosure something to never forget and of that for already 26 years podre to forget never that day to see my favorite group in direct.


Concert notes thanks to pakopiko.

Set list thanks to imma_rocker.

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