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Oct 26, 2008 - Taken by Shawn - Philly   

If you are into trading AC/DC bootlegs and you don't know Chanantes' Videos, you don't know how great the remastered work can be that is made by Spanish' fans of AC/DC. This article just wants to bring to light the great work for all AC/DC fans.

Interview made by Email between Mojogonlopoto (Chanantes Proudction) and Acdtru (Can't Stop AC/DC Webzine)

When did you discover the band?
Well, in fact, I discovered the band very late. I started listening to this kind of music when I was at the university. I spent three years in a student residence here in Madrid (from September 2001 to June 2004), and I think it was when I was in my second year when I heard a cd of the band for the very first time. One of the activities that was held at the residence was a music club. There was a really huge CD collection in the club, and among 1500 or 2000 CD's there was only one by AC/DC: Stiff Upper Lip.

I can remember that I started listening to many CD's from different bands in that period of time. We could get two or three CD's for a couple of days to enjoy them and I found it cathartic to pick up a CD and listen to it, especially during moments of stress. The university was extremely stressful. One day, when I really didn't know what cd I wanted to choose, I stared at the "Stiff Upper Lip" album without knowing exactly what kind of music AC/DC played.

When I played that CD in my computer and I listened to the first song, I said to myself "WOW, that's great". I had never heard anything like that; I liked it so much. I found it quite simple, but at the same time very hard. And, of course, something really enjoyable.

I knew many artists and bands over those years. That was the very first time I really started to enjoy music and discovered how can I feel it.

Have you ever seen the band in concert?
No, I haven't seen them live (well, only on DVD, hehe). I want go to a concert; I need it.

When did you start collecting AC/DC videos?
I started collecting AC/DC videos about three years ago. I suppose it was when I left the student's residence, but I can't remember exactly when it was. Then a friend, a big U2 collector, talked to me about EasyTree and the eTree database. That was the beggining... In 2004 or 2005. I can't remember it very well.

What were your first AC/DC videos you collected?
My first AC/DC videos... Well, I started to collect VCD's, using eMule, the AC/DC hub... That was when I moved from the residence to a flat in the center of Madrid with a connection to the Internet. I started to visit bootleg pages, and download DVD's and high-quality audio recordings.

I think the first shows were Nijmegeen 91 and Utrecht 96 (These were my two first covers too). Some other concerts I got were East Rutherford 90, Oslo 91 (not the "Chanantes" one), Phoenix Uprising, among others...

How did Chanantes bootlegs started?
To explain the "Chanantes" bootlegs beginning, I have to remember back to my first trade. I made it with a friend of mine and the other member of Chanantes Productions, Javier (known as "spinebuster" in the AC/DC trading circles). I remember I gave him "Uncut & Special" bootleg, and he made me copies of "Brian 1980-83 Video Live" and "Toronto 2003" DVD's.

We started to trade & collect AC/DC bootlegs, and we often talked by MSN Messenger. We soon got this feeling: most of the AC/DC bootlegs are not correctly edited correctly, because probably fans don't know how to edit them using basic, but powerful, authoring software.

After that, we met another great Spanish trader, Dionisio, I really don't know what his nickname is exactly, but it's something like "toro-sentado". We started to trade with him, and still continued to talk often about bootelgs, projects and new acquisitions.

Between us, trades had a lot of activity. First, we started to add some simple menus with some basic software and I used to make the background images for the menus when I started to use Adobe Photoshop (POPB 91, for example).

I started to use graphical design programs like Photoshop and while learning on my own, I made some covers for the dvd's. I like to have them with covers and cases, although this takes up a lot of space. At the moment, I have done about 50 covers.

The first bootleg I edited more seriously, with some more professional software was Tokyo 81 – Lightning Over Japan. I made menus, repaired a bit the video (I think I repaired it, but today it could be done much better), and made a cover (which is one of my favorites). That bootleg was a big success and I'm very proud of it.

The first serious "Chanantes" production was released last year. I'm talking about the Oslo 91 bootleg. We decided to edit it when we watched the high quality of the recording. It was done with the main idea of testing the reception of the DVD between fans. We knew this video deserved to be edited as best as possible.

I don't want to give the image that the Chanates releases are the only ones that are edited correctly. I think that the Chanantes releases have their own style: simple editing but, I think, very effective.

After that, we continued editing more, and now we have some other colaborators, as you'll see when you'll enjoy Chanantes DVD's (thank you all!!!).

Under "chanantes" name, the following shows have been edited: What are your next projects?
Some of the projects I have in mind now are NPA 2000 & Milan 96. There are others, but the progress is slow.


Actually, all of these projects will be ready soon & don't forget to talk to him and his associates about trading (!!!

After these questions, Mojogonlopoto explained in detail about all of Chanantes Production's DVDs


Well, what can we say about this concert? Only one thing: Bon Scott. I don't know this was one of the best concerts the band ever did because everybody knows that AC/DC rules although they are in a recording studio. The boys are a live band.

Everybody wants to have this concert. A classic one between trading circles.

The bootleg in detail:

Name: Uncut Rock Goes To College
Date: 1978 October 28th
Venue: Essex University, Colchester, England, UK

Track list:
  1. Live Wire (incomplete)
  2. Problem Child
  3. Sin City
  4. Bad Boy Boogie
  5. Whole Lotta Rosie
  6. Rocker
  7. Let There Be Rock
Source: Proshot. The concert was broadcast on the Japanase tv station "WOWOW", which is a music channel that broadcast on HD!!!!!! Searching for that source…
Audio quality: Excellent.
Video Quality: Very Good. Not as clear as Golders Green Hippodrome 77, but very good quality too.
Production: 1 dvd for each trade.

Details of coverart:
An image of Bon and Angus live makes the background of the cover. Then, centered in the front part the AC/DC classic logo, with the company of the rock goes to college logo.

In the back part, around the setlist, appear screens from the video in the dvd.

Nothing more to say about the cover, it contains mostly the same elements: specifications of the dvd, barcode, the same structure, but with some skin-changes.


This is probably one of the bootlegs with better quality for this concert. Although it contains only the promo videos, this dvd has been considered in a very short period of time a "must have" for every AC/DC fans.

There are various copies for this show circulating around (2 dvd's version, Highway To Helen, Canon and Bell Tour 82), but in my opinion this dvd definitely beats other ones when including the artwork, editing and general quality.

The bootleg in detail:
Name: Largo 81 promos
Date: 1981 December 20th
Venue: Capitol Centre, Landover, MD, USA

Track list:
  1. Put the Finger on You
  2. Back in Black
  3. Highway to Hell
  4. Lets Get it Up
  5. Let There Be Rock
  6. For Those About to Rock (incomplete)
Source: Proshot, multicam
Audio quality: Excellent. It has been retouched a bit from the source.
Video Quality: Very Good. The video is a bit dark when you compare it with other sources, but the contours are very well defined and the image is very clear. In fact, this video is very, very enjoyable.
Production: Only one, hehe. After that, some other copies made to trade. Not factory-pressed, the "Chanantes" releases are all "home-pressed".

Details of coverart:
If you look the dvd cover you can see a photo of Angus playing his guitar, at the right part of the case. With this photo, you can find the red ACDC logo, a classic for acdcfans. On the background of the cover, there is a softened photo of the band, where you can see, in this order, the faces of Cliff Williams, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Angus Young, and finally, Phill Rudd (behind the last "C" of the ACDC logo, on the front part).

There are some screenshots of the dvd shown to full the cover, because a short setlist is always a problem to make a cover, you have to organizate all if you don't want to leaving "blank" parts. Behind the setlist you can see dvd specifications, with a "false" codebar, and some words managing the fans to trade and not to sell the bootleg.

On the edge, there is the bootleg title, the acdc logo and the Gibson guitar's classic element (You can see this on every covers made by mojogonlopoto, this is almost like a trademark).

Details of the dvd:
We make the dvds with the menus according to the dvd cover. When a dvd is edited, the process is always the same:
  1. Make video files
  2. Make dvd cover
  3. Menu artwork
  4. Dvd authoring
The dvd has some simple but effective menus, with a typical structure, main menu, chapters menu and credits menu. The first play of the dvd is a general message, and after that you go to the main menu.

The menus are completed with audio, some acdc songs. A perfect intro for the power of the live performance.


This is the last bootleg made by us. I bet this is probably one of the best audience recordings from the 80's. Great quality, with awesome close shots of the members of the band. Very clear video, and audio fixed with an improved quality.

The bootleg in detail:
Name: Pittsburgh 85
Date: 1985 September 10th
Venue: Civic Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Track list:
  1. Fly on the Wall (incomplete)
  2. Back in Black
  3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (incomplete)
  4. You Shook Me All Night Long (incomplete)
  5. Jailbreak (incomplete)
  6. Shoot to Thrill
  7. Highway to Hell
  8. Sink the Pink (incomplete)
  9. Let There Be Rock (incomplete)
  10. Hells Bells
  11. TNT (incomplete)
Source: Single camera, very close to the stage. Ametuer shot from the floor of the arena, near center stage. Taken from a 1st generation copy (Thanks Lox1966 !!!)
Audio quality: Very good nearly excellent. Audio has been touched up, making the guitars sound much stronger and raising Brian's voice a little bit upon the rest of the band.
Video Quality: The quality is astonishing for an audience video, and much better than previously versions.

Details of coverart:
There is a big image leading the cover, with Angus playing the guitar on Brian's shoulders. It's crossed by some screenshots, which were taken from the video, put into place to look like a film strip.

On the back side, the setlist and the dvd characteristics over a darkened restangle.

The part that goes on the edge of the dvd-case has the same structure which has been talked about in other reviews, the Gibson SG, the title of the bootleg, the generic dvd-video logo and of course the AC/DC logo (for this bootleg colored with the american flag).


The beginning of the "Chanantes" era. A great audience performance, and one of the best AC/DC bootlegs from "The Razors Edge" tour which are floating around. Simply marvellous, a jewel you must not miss.

The bootleg in detail:
Name: Oslo 91 Chanantes
Date: 1991 March 24th
Venue: Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

Track list:
Disc 1:
  1. Thunderstruck
  2. Shoot to Thrill
  3. Back in Black
  4. Fire Your Guns
  5. Sin City
  6. Heatseeker
  7. Who Made Who
  8. Jailbreak
  9. The Jack (incomplete)
Disc 2:
  1. The Razor's Edge
  2. That's the Way I Wanna Rock and Roll
  3. Moneytalks
  4. Hells Bells
  5. High Voltage
  6. You Shook Me All Night Long (incomplete)
  7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  8. Whole Lotta Rosie
  9. Let There Be Rock
  10. Highway to Hell
  11. TNT
  12. For Those About to Rock
Source: Single amateur camera, shot from stage right, upper deck of the arena. Taken from the master dvd.
Audio quality: Very Good.
Video Quality: Very Good very nearly excellent. Awesome quality for an audience video.

Details of coverart:
The main subject of the coverart is a Gibson SG. Very simple cover, no images from the members of the band or screenshots taken from the video.

The AC/DC logo looks like if it was made of mercury, or some liquid metal. On the back side you can see the setlist as always, and a dvd specifications table. As said before, very simple coverart.

HAIL ABERDEEN 1996.06.02- 2 DVD's

This is probably one of the best audience recordings you can see from a live appearance of the band. Very close to the stage, so you can see the boys in action. It can be considered one of the best Ballbreaker tour audience recordings.

The bootleg in detail:
Name: Hail Aberdeen
Date: 1996 June 2nd
Venue: EOC, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Track list:
Disc 1:
  1. Back in Black
  2. Shot Down in Flames
  3. Thunderstruck
  4. Girls Got Rhythm
  5. Hard as a Rock
  6. Shoot to Thrill
  7. Boogie Man
  8. Hail Caesar
  9. Hells Bells
  10. Dog Eat Dog
Dvd B:
  1. The Jack
  2. Ballbreaker
  3. Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
  4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  5. You Shook Me All Night Long
  6. Whole Lotta Rosie
  7. TNT
  8. Let There Be Rock
  9. Highway to Hell
  10. For Those About To Rock
Source: Audience.
Audio Quality: Very Good. The audio has been retouched from the original. Now it sounds a bit more solid.
Video Quality: Very Good, the source had great quality. Single cam amateur shot from stage left from the floor, very close to the stage.

Details of coverart:
This coverart has been designed based on the Ballbreaker tourbook. I normally try to do the covers with images of the same era/year than the show (Remember, for example, those covers for bootlegs from Bon Scott era with Brian Johnson on them. I hate this).

Here you can see a photo of the band, divided between the front and back part of the artwork.

As always, the cover has some common parts:
  • On the edge of the cover, you can see the dvd logo on the bottom, the title of the bootleg, the AC/DC logo (sometimes this logo contains the flag of the country where the concert was), and the Gibson guitar appearing from the top.
  • On the back appear the dvd specs, the false barcode, and the words "This dvd is made only with entertainment purposes. Please, don't sell, trade freely. Enjoy it. Made by fans for the fans".
In this case, the cover runs away from the horizontal texts, as you can see when you look the setlist and title on it (inclined to the left). It's like the "order" in the chaos.

In the bottom of the back, you can see two webpages listed: and I put that links because we always are looking on them to know more about the band. My way to say thanks.
This interview was written by Acdtru from the Can't Stop AC/DC Webzine. Please check out their site at All text & images were provided by Acdtru.