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Jun 15, 2009 - Taken by Kurt R. Vaagen   
There's been quite a few discussions about these Countdown Videos and I'll add my 2 cents to help try and clarify some things.

Firstly as I'm sure we are all aware is that Countdown was a TV Show that ran here in Australia from 8 November 1974 19 July 1987. It ran weekly, in a similar style and format to shows like 'Top of the Pops' and 'Bandstand'. Obviously it was used both as entertainment and to promote local acts as well help introduce international acts here.

Now, what was common practice for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) was to simply tape over shows that had already aired as the film was very expensive and a lot of money could be saved by re-using old tapes. This would have made sense at the time for the people in charge as they never thought that there would be much interest in the future for copies etc. You also have to think of the time period this was, this was mid-70's Australia, Full transmission to Colour TV didn't happen here until 1975 and so people were still getting used to their colour TV's. Recorders were just a very rare sight and really wouldn't take off at least for another few years (remember as well the VHS hadn't been invented yet either).
Another thing worth noting was that some time during the 1980's, the ABC decided that it needed a clean out of their archives. It's believed many tapes were either thrown away (or once again re-used) to make room, as the tapes that were there would have been collecting dust anyway. By the way, To the best of my knowledge, there never was a fire that destroyed any tapes. That rumor belonged with the 'Let There Be Rock' Movie, which the ABC had nothing to do with.
All of this has basically led to many gaps in episodes and incomplete clips throughout the show's history, especially in it's early years.

Often the clips we do have come from other sources and not directly from the ABC or the Countdown show. Often an excerpt is obtained because it was used in a promo for something else or comes from someone who did tape the broadcast etc. I'll attempt to explain some of that as well below.

AC/DC first performed on Countdown in it's 4th Episode.
29th November 1974.
The band performed 'Baby, Please Don't Go'.
In this performance Angus is dressed as an Aviation Pioneer, in a homemade plane with an Aussie flag on it.
No Footage exists form this performance.
But I have one Photo:

AC/DC next performed on Countdown in it's 7th Episode.
20th December 1974.
The band performed 'Baby, Please Don't Go'.
In this appearance, Angus is dressed as Zorro and Bon is wearing red overalls and his hair is also long in this performance.
Only about 2 seconds worth of footage exists from this performance with no sound.
The very short snippet of footage originally comes from a program which was called '1975 National Music Industry Awards'. In this program they showed a Montage of clips from Countdown in 1974. In this Montage was very short clip of Bon singing from this performance.
Here is the Montage:

Here's the 2 Seconds shown of Bon:

Here are some Pictures:




AC/DC's 3rd Performance came on Countdown's 12th Episode.
23rd March 1975.
The band performed 'Baby, Please Don't Go'.
This is the Clip with Bon dressed as a school girl.
This performance would also be repeated on 6th April 1975 and 27th April 1975 which is why there is often conflicting dates for this performance.

AC/DC's 4th Performance came on Countdown's 13th Episode, a week later.
30th March 1975.
The band performed 'Love Song'
The reason this song was played was because it was the A-Side to thier first Single with Bon.
Bon dressed in Red Overalls.
No Footage Exists.
Here is a Picture I believe comes from this performance:


AC/DC's 5th Performance came on Countdown's 21st Episode.
25th May 1975.
The Band Performed:
'High Voltage'
'Baby, Please Don't Go'
'Good Morning' (Angus and Bon are seen with Ian "Molly" Meldrum during the song)
Angus dressed as Superman. Bon in a White Coat during 'High Voltage' and in White Overalls during 'Baby, Please Don't Go'

The Following Footage Exists:

The 49 Second clip of 'Baby, Please Don't Go':

The 30 Second Clip of 'Good Morning':

The Following Pictures Exist:

'High Voltage'





'Baby, Please Don't Go'



'Good Morning'



I hope all the links work etc and I hope for some of you this was a good read. Hopefully this clarifies some confusion and misconceptions as to why there aren't as many complete performances as we'd like. Also hopefully in the near future I can continue finding some more information for late 1975 and 1976.