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Mar 11, 2009 - Taken by Vincent1982   
For this interview, we met up with a big video collector. Many traders know him as Lox1966 or Mr Vieo in France.

When did you discover the band?
At school. One of my friends had the 'Let There Be Rock' LP. I found this track excellent. The simple 'Highway to Hell' was on the market, and that was the trigger. I met a tribute band and my life was focused on AC/DC (lol).

When did you discover AC/DC, after Bon Scott died?
Right, I didít have time to discover the band while Bon Scott was alive; it was just with studio LPs. I was too young to go to a gig on the Highway to Hell tour.

When did you first see the band on concert?
The first time, I was supposed to see the band in Nantes in 1982. I had the ticket, but the gig was cancelled because Malcolm had broke his leg. So, my first show was in Belgium in 1988 at the Forest Nationale, and then again in Paris at the Zenith. Then, finaly, in Lausanne (Halle Des Fetes Beaulieu). In 1991, I saw the band in Paris (Bercy and Vincennes), Bercy in 1996, and the last time at the Stade De France in 2001.

I live in Bretagne (West Side of France), so it's difficult to see big show. I do hope to see many dates on the upcoming tour!!

Intersting that in 1988 another Belgium fan (big video fan) went with?
Right!! I met this fan at this concert and we have made many video and audio trades. I have found some really good video and audio bootlegs with this contact, with great quality.

Can you speak about Mr Video (surname of Lox1966 in France)?
I've been interested in video for a long time, about technique and pictures. The idea was have the best lineage, which is not always easy at the start. The introduction of the DVD format was a great news for me!! It stopped wearing out the VHS tapes, and I can now work on DVD's (authoring, etc).

In the book Maximum Rockíníroll, you are thanked on the title Ďfan gangí!!
There are many fanatic people around AC/DC material! I was able to meet some of them during one special meeting like in Deutschland in 1994. During this trip, I got a really good copy of Rio 1985 and organizer had put shared this video during the meeting! This is a really good memory!

Before internet, how do you trade?
I bought special strangerís magazine, like an english mag: Record collectorís. It wasn't easy to find this one, but I was able to start networking. It helped me find people who traded by mail and find really big collectors.

What do you think about internet?
Itís fantastic! You can meet many people, many AC/DC fans, that have new materials (video or audio). Many are really interested, but some fans are afraid at the easiness and the rapidity to spread rare things. Some fans have these rare videos, and only shared a in few times!

With the internet, it is much more simple to find the best lineage for material. It is a really good tool!

Whatís your favorite piece in your collection?
The show of Bercy 1991! The video shot is really, really good, the sound is awesome! I was at this concert, at the first rank, and is my best memory. Few modifications are made to the DVD, and when you hear this live, it is marvellous! It was on this day that I met Thomas Schade after the show (Fanzine: Daily Dirt). It was a really good opportunity to trade materials (lol)!

Do you waiting specially a video?
The ďMaking of Thunderstruck clipĒ. It's an ameteur shot video. A fan suggested this to me a long time ago, but I was not sure about it. I was thinking that it was another clip like ďHard as a RockĒ. But I said 'Yes', and I received this great video (lol)!

Can you tell me about your project with d-comix?
On a French forum, I found a fan who made great artwork for DVD or CD bootlegs. So I contacted him and he suggested that we put together a video! I found a really good and we started this project! The first production was the gig of Paris, Bercy in 1996, and I had a problem with the authoring. So we had work on the Dortmund DVD! I made a capture of the video (VHS to DVD), and then I did the authoring (menu, pictures, etc). D-comix worked on the design, artwork and the mix of camera (audio and video)!

Whatís your goal on this project?
To create the best video! All can canít do the authoring because they donít have materials or they donít have the software, and Iím sure that some fans can make better that me. Thatís why d-comix helped me (lol)! If this project provides new ideas for other fans to produce other DVDs, thatís really good!

With Chanantes Productions, we can said that AC/DC fan are really active?
Right! Iím sure that other great things will be coming out soon (lol)!

What are your future video projects?
I will for sure do Bercy 1996, and maybe a copy of Manheim 1991 shot by a Deutsch fan. Working on the making of 'Hail Caesar' is also an idea! I must dig through my DVD or VHS to find the best video for my next project!