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Jun 3, 2010 - Taken by adminane   

Test Press

Regular Press
'Little Monsters' is the latest release from the XERocks Label. It features a soundboard audio recording from July 21, 1979 in Oakland, CA. AC/DC was playing the 3rd day of the Day on the Green Festival in 1979, along with Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and many others. The festival itself was put on by Bill Graham, and was started in 1979 and ran until 1992. Graham passed away October of 1991. All of the Days on the Green were held in the Oakland Coliseum. What made them special was that they were literally days on the green; all of the shows on the bill were played during the day, which was out of the ordinary for the time.

Other big names to play the festival over the years include Metallica, Guns n Roses, U2, The Rolling Stones, The Who & Pink Floyd. AC/DC played the festival twice; day #3 in 1979 and day #5 in 1978 (September 2, 1978). Sadly, once Graham passed away, the festival lost popularity and was ended in 1992. In the time since, the Wolfgang's Vault website was created and has shared many of the live recordings from the Day on the Green festivals. Bill Graham's real name was Wolodia "Wolfgang" Grajonca. The site also allows you to buy some memorabilia as well; in AC/DC's case, there are some posters, photos and even a ticket stub.

The Test Press
The test press of this release features alternate artwork. The sleeve itself is a 3/4 rap around, so it is not a full album like most LP's. The picture on the front is from the day of the show and has Bon & Angus on stage with a 'Monster Metal' logo from a radio station in the upper left corner. The back flap has an article, possible from Kerranng!, with Bon Scott. There are some amazing quotes from this little gem and is definitely worth the read. The track list is at the bottom, along with the label number.

The vinyl itself is simple. It is just black vinyl with no label. Pretty typical for the vinyl test presses from this label, nothing special. The record comes in a white paper sleeve, along with a red cardboard sleeve that serves as the main protection.

The Standard Press
The standard pressing of this release features different artwork and comes in 3 different colors. The front cover shows a promotional ad/poster from the day AC/DC performed in 1979, along with a few sun logos. The back cover features a few pictures from AC/DC's performance that day, including one of Bon signing autographs back stage. The label number & logo are in the bottom right corner, track listing for the two sides are above & below the main photos and 'Bon Appetit' runs vertically down the left side. Overall, good looking artwork but I personally prefer the front cover of the test press when given the choice between the 2. Still very cool to look at. This comes in a full sleeve looks amazing.

The vinyl itself comes in 3 different colors, a very patriotic red, white and blue. I'm working on getting the exact number pressed of each color and will update this when I have the totals. The 'A' side of the record features Bon from a promo picture and the number 1, while the 'B' side shows Cliff from the same session with the number 3. Why the number 3? I have no idea. The color of the vinyl is solid, meaning there are no other colors mixed in or veins of the same color. While the white records are not transparent, the red & blue versions show light through them easily and are somewhat transparent; you can see the shape of your hand moving behind it when you hold it up. When light shines through the red and blue copies, they almost appear to glow and look very nice.

The track list on the vinyl features 7 songs from the day, while the cdr has those songs plus an incomplete version of Rocker. The disc artwork for the cdr is the same as the front cover of the standard press.


Box Front Cover
The Box Set
This release is also available in a box set. The box includes many extras not available otherwise. The box itself is a plain white cardboard box and has the AC/DC logo with XERocks Records and Little Monsters below it. The number of the box is also on the cover, handwritten. There were 65 copies of this box printed and compiled. The vinyl that comes with it is a regular press of the record, in the blue color. The sleeve and vinyl itself are exactly the same as the regular press.

The contents of the box are what make this release special. There is just so much cool stuff it's hard to believe. It comes with all of the following:
  • Blue Vinyl copy of the show
  • CDR
  • 1 T-Shirt
  • 2 Can Coolers - 1 Bottle, 1 Can
  • 3 Lighters
  • AC/DC Logo Sticker
  • 2 Drink Coasters
  • Envelope with Reproductions of Photos, Press Releases and News Articles
The envelope of reproductions includes a collage of photos from the performance, shot from various angles in full color. There are 2 promo photos from Atlantic as well. Also included are 2 press releases, promoting the start of the US leg of the Highway to Hell tour. The 2nd is about the release of the Highway to Hell album, along with the continuation of the US leg of the tour. It gives a little information about the recording of the album as well, including the location and producer.

The rest of the reproductions are of newspaper articles from the time period around the Highway to Hell tour, including one with a title of 'More Songs About Humping and Booze'.