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AC/DC's Concert History

Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Wednesday, August 17, 1977

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Concert Notes:
Opening for Head East

I remember it was so lud it hurt. My friend and I could not hear each talk . I had a piece of gum in my mouth , I split it in two and put each piece in my ears. My friend could see what I was doing and laughed at my me . He could not hear for days after . I could though. It was a big deal for us. I remember it was a small place and the floor slanted down ward towards the stage. I have always told the story that it was a converted movie theater , sure seems like it was , Angus jumped off the stage and played on his back on the floor his legs kicking , I can't believe it was so long ago , wow

Notes thanks to 1947cadillac.



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