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Feb 22, 2009 - Taken by adminane   

Concert History


Tuesday, January 9, 1996 - Sun Coast Dome, Tampa, FL, USA

Set List

1) D.T.
2) Chase the Ace
3) Rock and Roll Damnation
4) The Furor
5) The Honey Roll
6) Caught with Your Pants Down
7) Whiskey on the Rocks
8) Riff Raff
9) Gone Shootin'
10) What's Next to the Moon
11) Sin City
12) Fire Your Guns
13) Moneytalks
14) Heatseeker
15) Who Made Who
16) What Do You Do for Money Honey
17) Rocker
18) Bad Boy Boogie
19) Go Down
20) High Voltage
21) Big Gun


Tour Rehearsal

These tracks are rumored to have been played by several books. The list is in no particular order.


Set list, notes thanks to suicidehummer.

Updated set list (added Go Down, High Voltage) thanks to LetThereBeAC-DC.

Updated set list (added Big Gun) thanks to boothjorden.

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