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Oct 26, 2008 - Taken by Shawn - Philly   

Concert History


Wednesday, November 10, 1976 - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

Set List

1) Live Wire
2) She's Got Balls
3) Problem Child
4) Big Balls
5) Can I Sit Next to You Girl
6) The Jack
7) High Voltage
8) TNT
9) Baby Please Don't Go


This is the concert where the first and most possibly the last time Big Balls was played live.

Source Maximum Rock and Roll the story of AC/DC. Page 165

"whoa, this show was over 30 years ago so no chance of a setlist although i CAN confirm BIG BALLS was played as it was dedicated to me & my mate matthew brown! it was announced as "another testicular number" if i remember correctly.

we had bumped into bon on the way to the gig on the tube (with his girlfriend, silver?) - he arrived at the venue literally 2 mins before the start of the gig as by the time we took our seats they were on stage. this was in the pre mobile phone days so the other guys must have been going nuts at him!

cheers bon will never forget that. i was 16 at the time."


Notes thanks to ruddisgod667.

Story thanks to madmickeyt.

Set list thanks to acdcfan-altermann.

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