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[Ride On, Bon] The Ultimate Bon Scott Collection 1976-1980 DVD Menu: Yes Chapters: Yes Artwork: Yes 30/04/1978 Apollo, Glasgow, Escocia 1) Riff Raff 2) Rock and Roll Damnation 3) Dog Eat Dog 4) Bad Boy Boogie 5) Let There Be Rock 6) Fling Thing 7) Rocker 13/07/1979 Rijnhallen, Arnhem, Holanda 1) Highway to Hell 2) Bad Boy Boogie 3) The Jack 4) Rocker 5) Whole Lotta Rosie 05/12/1976 Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia 1) Baby, Please Don't Go 2) Problem Child 09/02/1980 Aplauso Television, Madrid, Espaņa 1) Intro 2) Beating Around the Bush 3) Girls Goy Rhythm 4) Highway to Hell 06/09/1978 Midnight Special, Hollywood, USA 1) Intro 2) Sin City 09/08/1979 Rock Pop TV Show, Alemania 1) Highway To Hell **(via private torrent) I will seed till Jul 03 2013** Some official release. For link please send me a pm. Or visit

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