westwood one series 96-06 ac/dc

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would this actually be concidered a bootleg




westwood one

superstar concert series #96-06



tracks 1-4 live 1976

tracka 5-8 live 1978

tracks 9-15 live 1980


tribut to bon scott


any help on this one.

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^ I am not sure if it is an official boot, but more info including links for mp3 and FLAC, along with artwork can be found here:

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These are offcialy licensed radio broadcasts NOT bootlegs.

I have some of these, i don't remeber having this one but then again, maybe stashed somewhere. I have the first ever of these, the 93-20 show  and this could easyly go to 300-400$ if ever auctioned, goes close to the Coca-Cola planet UK radio cd in rarity scale, maybe rarer(Coca-Cola cd had 50 copies ever made, not sure about the Westwood one, haven't see it anywhere,except my copy but certainly some more should exist. Later releases are not that rare but the 93-20 show is extremely rare.



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^ I was just going to ask you Sap if you knew how many of these radio broadcasts were released, but found a link to some great info on these. However, I noticed your 93-20 show is listed but no details or info so you definitely have a gem there. I have some of these shows burned to disc such as the 96-06, so great to see some I was not aware of.


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this it..


ac/dc - superstars concert series - made in usa - aired feb'96

> CD [silver]
> EAC [secure]
> Wav
> FLAC [level 6]

disc 1 [1976-1978]

101-live wire [1st english tour]
102-it's a long way to the top [1st english tour]
103-soul stripper [1st english tour]
104-high voltage [1st english tour]
105-let there be rock [1978 golders green]
106-problem child [1978 golders green]

disc 2 [1980]

201-hell ain't a bad place to be [1978 golders green]
202-whole lotta rosie [1978 golders green]
203-shot down in flames [1980 hammersmith odeon]
204-sin city [1980 hammersmith odeon]
205-the jack [1980 hammersmith odeon]
206-highway to hell [1980 hammersmith odeon]
207-girl's got rhythm [1980 hammersmith odeon]
208-if you want blood [1980 hammersmith odeon]


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^ yep, that would be the one we are talkin about bro



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