Phoenix, AZ 2000

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Hi does anyone have the Phoenix, AZ 2000 full show recorded? I have the show but its incomplete. Let me know if anyone has it please.

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I just uploaded the full show for you:

1) You Shook Me All Night Long
2) Stiff Upper Lip
3) Shot Down in Flames
4) Thunderstruck
5) Hell Ain\'t a Bad Place to Be
6) Hard as a Rock
7) Shoot to Thrill
8) Rock and Roll Ain\'t Noise Pollution
9) Safe in New York City
10) Bad Boy Boogie
11) Hells Bells
12) Meltdown
13) The Jack
14) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
15) Back in Black
16) Highway to Hell
17) Whole Lotta Rosie
18) Let There Be Rock
19) TNT
20) For Those About to Rock

All tracks are taken from the radio broadcast except tracks 5, 10 and 13

It's in lossless FLAC and here are the links:!AMcxFIRb!fT0FMDPQpBSo-3OjRAICTHmEO8o-1K5k01wQLwCA7Q0!MQFWDL4Q!GYo2L21tc4l0_thlq1r2xSWkgvcFHRKHBP_HrOFz0sQ!UZ9zTSwL!PZmWzXb8dbGS225jxig2iwNe1QYcN2xM3VaeN4zYgVY!NQkmwAgI!RW3QJXUdIwSP_06BjEs2oBQhPa1psBHY7Ypjca6atlY

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Thanks I just needed some songs that I was missing from my Pheonix bootleg that I own

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Sorry; I don't know why the links are highlighted. From a Pre-FM source in lossless .FLAC format and give the credit to Yura, not me. I'm just providing the link.

Disc 1

Disc 2

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