Small new year present.

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Did not have much time on my hands so this is what i could come up with.

A wav rip from MY cd of Bon Scott with trust(Black cd - Black cover).It's only the Ride on song, not the entire single. If anyone need pictures of the cd and cover let me know here and i will try to upload after new year(small sap logo for ebay scummers).

Anyhow toss me a PM if you want the audio rip and have a happy new year. May take a day of two to answer back since i am going to get so drunk after a lot of work these days...

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PM sent.

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Thank you so much sapator!

Could I get the artwork too please? (Forgot to mention it in the PM)

PM Sent 

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thanks Sapator for this x-mas present.

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So i've have also included the pictures inside the rar archive arter popular demand. Could not get the letters not to blur in the last picture, sorry about that but i don't have a scanner, so it's what i can do with the camera.

If i haven't send the link to someone let me know.


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happy new year Sap wink play nice now 

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pm sent

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