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finished 'my bon scott' book by irene thornton yesterday. read it in 6 days, which is flammin quick for me! very good book, and i think it is one of the best acdc related books i have ever read. it is different to most acdc related books because it is more so about stories and personal recounts, rather than facts or 'so called facts'. she says some of the 'facts' that have emerged over the years about bon are untrue, or different. the book is almost solely based around here time with bon, and doesnt mention anything after 1980. she was pregnant with her son when bon died. very sad. she writes about bon as being cocky and hell bent on becoming a star, but very funny, and a bad alco.

recommend the book. very amusing and funny. i also have michael browinings book which i will get into some time later.

Coco Bloco
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hmmm,thnx for this bro...

it seems that every one so called 'writters' is coming out with a book for ac/dc..

gonna write a [another of another of the another] book for 'DC as well...why am I seraching for job last two years?

I have access and I know in personal the one,the biggest publisher in greece and the most of all he'll publish it,for me,for free....

good luck to me!


btw I have two books of ac/dc [no I didnt pay for them-there are presents] called 'the greatest rock band' [english & german versions] or something like that.
sale mode: ON!

so,dont have to help those rich publishers...

help me,the poor,the unemployed one



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I too enjoyed this book, some great stories.

Sad to think that  Irene went through some rough times with Bon, even before he joined AC/DC.

He was still in contact with her right up until his death in 1980.

Some times a very sad read, when you know the out come.

It's a good read and well worth buying.

As Bon says: It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock n roll..

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