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anyone know what no plea means?

dirty deeds indeed

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omg have seen pictures - he looks so meth-abused..

did the guys really record RoB with him???

Coco Bloco
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if this have to do with 'pot dealing' and he's trying to get his revenge from his last marijuana adventure before some years ago [the police arrested him in his yacht-this means that someone spy on him].well yeah I AM 100% with Phil in this case! he shouldnt have threat em,he should KILL THEM! THEY'RE NOTHING BUT FUCKING COPS'S FAV PETS!

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Wow, he does look like a drug addict, he even appeared barefoot in court. I saw footage on the dutch news this afternoon. Can't imagine him doing a world tour, facing 10 years in prison. Even if he walks, his health is a serious point of concern.

He has everything and throws it away like that. I don't understand. Well, if he is a hardcore drug addict I do understand. The band will be not amused about this.

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I guess Phil's out then.

Too bad - he sounds right fucking awesome on the two tracks from RoB I have heard...

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