Angus and Cliff talking about Phil.

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Yeah, I'd wager that he's OUT. He's probably been on the way out for a while, but the arrest was likely the nail on the coffin for Phil Rudd's career with AC/DC, part 2.

Cliff stating that it was difficult to get him to the studio to record seems to be strike 1 toward Phil.

Phil missing the photo and video shoots, most likely just never even showing up and not giving any notice at all to the band, leading Brian to have to make the "family emergency" cover statement seems to be strike 2.

The arrest on drug charges, which would likely make it impossible for him to enter some countries and put an awful bind on the band, seems to be strike 3 and the final strike toward Phil.

AC/DC with Phil is an awesome band. AC/DC without Phil is an awesome band. Chris Slade can be partially credited with putting AC/DC back on the map as a great rock band as they got a tightness back in the rhythm section that they kinda lacked with Simon Wright. Also Chris Slade seemed to cause the other members, including Brian, to step their game up.

Angus, Macolm, and Cliff's playing on Thunderstruck and other songs during The Razor's Edge tour was a lot tighter than the No Bull DVD. Chris Slade's tight driving rhythm also seemed to give AC/DC a new life and a higher energy concert than they had with Simon Wright. Sure, AC/DC's previous three tours with Phil Rudd seemed more like the early 80s AC/DC, but, at times, honestly seemed kinda sloppy.

I've recently done some comparison between No Bull and Donington's Thunderstruck, focusing on the drums, Phil was just sloppy compared to Chris. I wonder how much different the whole Ballbreaker or Stiff Upper Lip album would have sounded with Chris playing. I know we have Big Gun, produced by the same guy as Ballbreaker, but what about Stiff Upper Lip? Or how Mutt Lange would have made Chris Slade sound?

I don't think Chris Slade will be back in the band, but there might be a small chance. I'd have to see how Bob Richards looks in the Rock Or Bust video (which will likely be a properly produced video instead of the mess we got with Play Ball) but he does seem to fit a little with AC/DC.

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^ now with the arrest charge of Phil in a brawl outside a coffee shop is strike 4.

Chris Slade would be a great return for the band since he was fantastic on 'Razor's Edge'. At least he showed up with a clear mind and priorities in order when he was with the band.

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I think you're giving Slade too much credit. I look at it like he wore them out by playing faster and harder, forcing them to up the energy and that's why they were so burned out by '95. Also realize that they were younger on the Razors Edge tour. It's unfair to say Phil was sloppier when he was older. He was always a pretty loose player but never anything I would call sloppy, especially not from '77-'80.

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