ACDC - 2015-06-19, Cologne (24_48) audio

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hello boys .. im on vacation from work . enjoy this show from this taper


Artist: AC/DC
City: Cologne (Köln)
Country: Germany
Venue: Jahnwiese
Date: June 19, 2015
Total playing time: 1:57:24 min
Source: Audience Master Recording (24/48)
Artwork: none

Equipment: Church Audio CA 14 cardioids - Church Preamp CA-9100 - Sony PCM-M10
Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 => HD => WAV => WaveLab => TLH (level 8) => you

Recorded from the right side, approx. 120 (!!)  metres away from the stage. I wish I could say no annoying clappers/whistlers around me.......but unfortunately some drunk Neanderthals in front of me decided to have the time of their life at that show and created a mosh pit at almost every song. At one point some a**hole poured a beer over my jacket so that my left mic got completely soaked….fortunately it kept working. The festivals site itself is total crap but the overall sound was probably the best that I ever had at an open-air festival of that size (about 80.000 people). It was LOUD and crystal clear so that I managed to get out there with, what I think, is quite a good recording considering all circumstances.

Some volume balancing and some re-mastering done (according to my personal taste) but all in all I tried to keep this recording as close to the original as possible. Please listen to the sample for quality check before downloading.

Encoding/Checksums/Fingerprints created with Traders Little Helper
All mastering / track splitting / fades / down sampling done with WaveLab 6.0


01 - Intro
02 - Rock or bust
03 - Shoot to thrill
04 - Hell ain't a bad place to be
05 - Back in black
06 - Play ball
07 - Dirty deeds (done dirt cheap)
08 - Thunderstruck
09 - High voltage
10 - Rock 'n' Roll train
11 - Hells bells.flac
12 - Baptism by fire
13 - You shook me all night long
14 - Sin city
15 - Shot down in flames
16 - Have a drink on me
17 - T.N.T.
18 - Whole lotta Rosie
19 - Let there be Rock
20 - Highway to Hell
21 - For those about to rock (we salute you)


01 - Intro.flac:5b326819be3ea04922610b039b2e92d9
02 - Rock or bust.flac:fab212de5818fcc8d0d53e948bbfe82e
03 - Shoot to thrill.flac:3bff4396e30e1a5f6a862e5d840149fa
04 - Hell ain't a bad place to be.flac:d910eb35c385b72351f3babf2e2cbde0
05 - Back in black.flac:a699375b788d87fc6ef720072b7575be
06 - Play ball.flac:2fc9db8437bbf6f1b20ee3a965975c95
07 - Dirty deeds (done dirt cheap).flac:ecb32300c12c463c60fcb4cf1f2dc6cc
08 - Thunderstruck.flac:e5bce20868fb63a27044ed899710b87d
09 - High voltage.flac:6b0341fd27fd126338057491f56d2abc
10 - Rock 'n' Roll train.flac:8438d57fdf36c15dcdbe35a229f54da6
11 - Hells bells.flac:e3c6caaa571c0116148e8cfd84351292
12 - Baptism by fire.flac:ffddd45acd4eaf7111d5b8357b0c49e0
13 - You shook me all night long.flac:3317a6b58bb9f5fd5b986b21060ec801
14 - Sin city.flac:6cecf609e1b7753d252683928ea8b8bd
15 - Shot down in flames.flac:2b9a7042026fb8649a649eae984b2263
16 - Have a drink on me.flac:edb03a0e5ea9909e9ba126ec30717e72
17 - T.N.T.flac:b536dd876a2aecacb18c3453286d0e41
18 - Whole lotta Rosie.flac:48e100a5f5e4ca20ad4c40ad97bc9752
19 - Let there be Rock.flac:75a4d8be4a09b976055dfa7597b8db17
20 - Highway to Hell.flac:6b758f4887537d3578a4a75c8d1436d0
21 - For those about to rock (we salute you).flac:69c3a0f512c7d715bd63e0ee42fab72e


They came, they saw and they rocked this place to the ground ! Even after 36 years (for me) AC/DC are still the greatest Rock band of all time………….and no other band on this planet comes even close to them…….

Basically I didn’t want to go due to this shitty festival site but I’m glad a mate persuaded me to go. Next stop for me is Gelsenkirchen next month for which I have great seats so that I will actually also see something……………hearing the boys is definitely never a problem ;-) !

If there’s a request I could also upload a 16-bit/44.1 KHz version of the show.

Enjoy !

Additional notes:
- Personally I don’t care if you convert this recording to mp3 (I would prefer if you didn’t but I cannot stop you anyway) but PLEASE do not trade it that way, keep the trading pool clean, OK ? Thanks !!!!

- There's just one thing I would really like to ask for: please do not upload this show on any other trackers. I might do this myself when I get to it. Thanks a lot for respecting this. ***************************************************************************

©2015 - This is a Rock_forever Production, RF 00027!N8ExlJSR!5hB2kKUwAL4oSUelucaGDg

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Thank you very much Jeffro

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thanks for this one bro, always appreciate your uploads. Special thanks to the fan who recorded this show and shared with others also.

Cheers ! yes

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Thanxx !!! Great !!!

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great gig!

Im seeing the band all over the world and its an EXELLENT expierience!

thanks for the stuff

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