Let there be Rock 1979 film

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hello fellow AC/DC fans

just spending my friday night listening to Let there be Rock 1979 soundtrack as it's pretty much my favourite all time live album to listen to!

apologies if this has already been asked and discussed, but is there a reason why TNT and If You Want Blood wasn't recorded in the film? I can't seem to find anything about this on the internet anywhere? Such a shame as it would be pretty awesome to see these two songs included in the film


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I think the most common story is that the director (or someone along those lines, potentially someone at Warner?) simply disliked those songs and refused to record/include them.

I'm unsure if it's true but that's been the reason most often thrown around.

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"If You Want Blood" wasn't on the set-list for that show.  The director has stated that "TNT" wasn't filmed because he didn't like the song.

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