AC/DC bootlegs being SOLD on ITUNES

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Just discovered this today. Someone has decided to upload some famous boots, potentially from this site, for a profit on iTunes. Aside from uploading them as though they're official releases, whoever is behind this even went to the extent to create new album art and names as to hide that they are common bootlegs!

eg. here is one of my favourites, Blues Booze and Tattoos:

"Live in Nashville 8th August 1978 (Live FM Radio Concert Remastered In Superb Fidelity) by AC/DC"
and the other two currently uploaded are:
Towson State College, Maryland, USA. Oct 16 1979 (Live FM Radio Concert Remastered In Superb Fidelity) by AC/DC
Live - Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH, USA Sept 10th 1978 (Live FM Radio Concert In Superb Fidelity - Remastered) by AC/DC
There's even typos in the song names!! "Rock n roller"??
It wouldn't bother me, except they're misleading and charging $17AUD for them!!
Do we report this somehow? Opinions??

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hell yeah they should be reported!!!

its shame lowlifes make money off bootlegs. they are to be shared by fans and NOT for profit ONLY. what really sucks is when boots are redone with new artwork, but same recording off an original boot. I have said it once and many times before and will say it again: boots are not to be sold or profited from. period.

I will try to contact itunes and rectify this solution and advise others to do the same and put a stop to this nonsense by these greedy bastards.




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