ACDC Köln Jahnwiesen 19.06.2015

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My Video shoot from Köln Jahnwiesen 19.06.2015 Rock Or Bust gig.

So sorry that you waited so long time. Now I have splitted this video into 4 different parts. Hope it will be now easy to download.

Link to video

New link!SpMlQZAQ!CFZ5jpG83r7Qxj9o4xXXHw

Hope you Enjoy!

Video is shoot far from the stage.

If it is still too difficult to download this video please send a private message to me.

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Thanks for the video!!!!!


Mega doesn't work on this here in America.  It keeps saying that the file is too big to download; 1 gig is the limit, and this is 1.5.  Any thoughts on how to download, or could someone else please use another format.  Maybe break the file into parts in Mega.  Thanks!!!!

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