The best of compilation 1975-2008 6 x CD set

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Hi everyone here is an interesting one I have recently procured a 6 x CD set titled,

AC/DC The Best 1975 - 2008 it has the "EPIC" and "Alberts" logos on the back with an FBI warning about piracy, Also produced by Rick Ruben, The alleged released date was 2011, While it looks very good is probably an impressive bootleg with impressive copyright infringements for the logos.

To see a pic if you google the title there are some links that appear and scroll through to Ebay.

Happy hunting

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It's just an impressive bootleg. I've seen one called Greatest Hells Hits and another bootleg combo of the deluxe Backtracks Disc 1 Rarities with Rock or Bust.  They even updated the Hells Hits one to include tracks from Rock or Bust.

Still pretty cool to have if you ask me.

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