ISO Day On the Green recordings: 7/23/78, 9/2/78 + one more

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I'm a new member and am hoping to locate a couple AC/DC shows.  After a recent health scare I've become obsessed with locating as many recordings as possible of the 280 or so concerts that I've attended since the middle 70s (I'm approaching 170 found!).  I've seen AC/DC five times and am hoping to add three shows from the Bon Scott days to my "I Was There" collection:

* 7/16/1978 San Jose Convention Center (opening for Ronnie Montrose; doubt this one exists but hoping!)

* 7/23/1978 Oakland Stadium (I've seen this one on a couple db.etree trading lists)

​* 9/2/1978 Oakland Stadium (I have Ted Nugent's set & hope this was recorded too)

​I'd be thrilled to work out a trade if any members have any of these shows.  Please let me know.  Thanks a ton!!


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Sorry Jackal, I don't have any of thosd recordings.  

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nice article

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Yes good idea. The trick though is to pick lesser known shows of really good sound  quality. Preferably from before 1984.



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