Request: Nutcrackers Vol. 1 through 5 (FLAC or WAV)

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Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had the entire "Nutcrackers" bootleg series, preferably in FLAC or WAV formats. I had these but then I lost them and I couldn't locate them elsewhere on the web.

The tracks I'm looking for in the series are:

Vol. 1: "She's My Babe" and "Chain Gang On The Road"

Vol. 2: "Caesar Salad" and "Johnny B. Goode"

Vol. 3: "Looysiana Swamp Stomp" and "Dog Eat Dog"

Vol. 4: "Burnin' Alive" (outtake 1), "Boogie Man Fun Jam", "Jailhouse Rock" and "Blues Jam"

Vol. 5: "Hail Caesar" (full outtake) and "Funk The Honey Roll"

If anyone has these please send me a PM.

Many thanks


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