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Item of the Day for March 17, 2023

March 17: Pewter Angus Statue

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This statue stands about 3 inches tall and is made of pewter. It is very detailed and looks similar to the large statue on the album cover & on stage.

I got this as part of an auction lot with different random items, so I don't have much information on this and haven't been able to find much. I know there is a statue that is about 6-7 inches tall with a different base. I'm guessing it is from 2000/2001.

After talking with another collector, here is what I've found:
- this was sold in Europe during the 2001 tour
- it is most likely not official, but it is not definte
- it originally came in a small cardboard package
- there were only about 100 made
- there is a Bon Scott statue of about the same size from the same period, also limited to about 100

Year Released: 2001
Country: Europe

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