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Napier College Student Union, Edinburgh, Scotland


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A little known but amazing gig only witnessed by 150 lucky people. AC/DC,s first ever UK gig.The band had come to the UK the UK to do a
showcase gig at the Marquee in London but as they were visting family in Scotland they wanted to do a couple of low key warm up gigs. I was
on the Union Ents Committee & we were offered the band for 50. Believe or not there was a lot of discussion.We normally only paid 15
to bands.Due to the ammount of gear AC/DC used we would have to cut the capacity of the Union from 250 to 150 .The Union at the Sighthill
Campus was basically a big wooden hut !!Also we would have to put up the ticket price from 50p to 75p to cover our costs.It was considered a bit of a gamble for an unknown band.Anyway once we had heard a copy of thier hit Australian album the decision was made easy. This was by far the best gig I have ever witnessed,totally
unforgettable.They were sensational with the late great Bon Scott & Angus Young in top form. Angus sitting On Bon shoulders being carried
around the Union playing guitar being a highlight. As the Unions DJ at the the time my only claim to fame is to say that I supported AC/DC on
their first ever UK gig !!

Story provided by Dave, taken from

I remember this gig - I had a friend, Steph who ran a record store in Bruntsfield. He heard about it, and said you got to hear this band. It was insane, I also remember Angus in the middle of the 'crowd' flat out on the floor still playing, the roadies holding up the guitar cable over the crowd back to the Amp stack. At the end of the gig, Steph asked me if I wanted to go meet the band ... I declined, one of my big regrets ...
Story provided by Stracho.

There may be some confusion about the Sighthill gig. I attended an AC/Dc concert late that year, but it wasn't at Sighthill. I believe The Sighthill concert actually took place at The Student Health Centre Bristo Place/St . It was also a large refectory. The building was brand new and recently opened, it still exsists (see pic). The show took place at the start of the winter term. The band played against a backdrop of a huge plate glass window with curtains. Slade and Fleetwood Mac also played here (Original line-up). I used to go to all of the shows at the Health Center. There is no other AC/Dc show listed for this year. I was deffinately at the Health Centre and can provide witnesses who were also there. (thanks to GrandWazoo)
I'm not an ACDC fan but for the sake of history I can absolutely confirm the details as stated by Dave. I was at the event helping to steward on behalf of the Student Union.
The gig came very close to being halted during the show because of trouble with non Union members wanting access and because of the band themselves being more than a little OTT in the opinion of the Bar Manager.

I don't know if there was a later event held at Bristo Square although I have no recollection of hearing about it. I do however know 100% that ACDC rocked Sighthill!

Notes thanks to GrandWazooo.

City, Country, Notes thanks to Weegie.





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