2016-02-02 - Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA (incomplete video)

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This is the video footage I filmed at the show from stage left on the upper deck. There are only 5 songs in this video recording:
1. Back In Black
2. Givin' The Dog A Bone (incomplete)
3. Whole Lotta Rosie
4. Highway To Hell
5. For Those About To Rock (ending part only)
The video itself is mostly blurry, filmed with just a small Nikon digital camera. Real video cameras as well as audio recorders were prohibited at the T-Dome. It wasn't really worth the risk of sneaking in that equipment as everybody who attended were searched and wanded upon entry because of the venue's new security enhancements. All I can say is be thankful this much footage was filmed despite using a shitty camera.
Hope you all enjoy!
Doc smiley

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Thanks for this one!

At the moment i think that a good audio/video professional device isnt necessary, now the smartphone can record audio or video with a good quality.

I dont believe that security prohibed smartphones xd

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Thanks Doc!

Security wasn't bad in Fargo.  They checked my camera bag and gave me a pat down.  Other than that, they didn't do much.

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thanks alot DOC

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