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Bercy Paris France 2-25-09
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Date Posted: 03/7/2009

Hey it would be cool if this was the BOTM for April. 1. Rock N Roll Train 2. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be 3. Back in Black 4. Big Jack 5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 6. Shot Down in Flames 7. Thunderstuck 8. Black Ice 9. The Jack 10. Hells Bells 11. Shoot to Thrill 12. War Machine 13. Anything Goes 14. You Shook Me All Night Long 15. T.N.T. 16. Whole Lotta Rosie 17. Let There Be Rock 18. Highway to Hell 19. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)


"When a man lies he murders some part of the world, these are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives. All this I cannot bear to witness any longer. Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home."

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