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Feb 18, 2009 - Taken by Kurt R. Vaagen   

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Someone help me with this
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Date Posted: 03/12/2009

Can someone do a cover for the 6th December 2008 show? If I supply the pics


shows attended: sometime in 99: Smash Mouth, Las Vegas Motorspeedway Sometime in 2003: Grand Funk Railroad, Del Mar Fair May 11th, 2008: Summer Meltdown, Golden Valley High School August 2008: The Beach Boys, AV Fairgrounds November 6th, 2008: The Who, Nokia Theater December 6th, 2008: AC/DC, LA Forum September 6th, 2009: AC/DC, San Diego Sports Arena September 8th, 2009: AC/DC, Honda Center November 25th, 2009: KISS, Staples Center August 20th, 2010: Ted Nugent, AV Fairgrounds August 21st, 2010: Weird Al Yankovich, AV Fairgrounds August 24th, 2010: ZZ Top, AV Fairgrounds

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