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AC/DC Live At The Old Waldorf (fixed version by me)
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Date Posted: 01/17/2010

Hey everybody, I download the AC/DC Live At The Old Waldorf bootleg only to find that the tracks were mixed up, Angus was on Malcolm's side and vice-avers. Because I have the technological knowledge, I fixed up the tracks, so they sound much, much better! I can trade them for another high quality recording. I also made a new much nicer looking album artwork/cover, and it's at 500x500. ---NOTES--- Format: AAC (m4a) Bitrate: 128 kbps Songs: 9 Quality: 8/10 (especially for the age) Year: 1977 *Live Wire still is mono-like sounding, as well as the first little bit of Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be. I will not trade CD's, only digital downloads, as I don't want to pay for shipping. -Jordan YouTube: ACDCarchives

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