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Apr 15, 2010 - Taken by BigNate   

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Can anyone trade with me?
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Date Posted: 04/6/2010 Here's a link to my tradelist. Didn't have anywhere else to put the list so I uploaded a text file to Megaupload. Anyway, I'd be willing to trade with anyone for these videos. So far, the only video recording I have to trade is another copy of a DVD of my video footage from Tacoma 2009. It's not complete but it's better than nothing. More info here: So far, I've only traded copies of my video with BigNate and shmangus, and I'm looking foward to trade with more fans. I will trade with anyone, but only through the U.S. only. Nothing against non-U.S. citizens, I can't send things internationally because I had a bad experience once doing so. If you want to trade with me, please PM me and we'll talk.

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