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Date Posted: 11/10/2010

Hi guy's, im a vinyl collector and seller especially ac/dc booties, im starting to get fed up with anal collectors who keep getting my listings kicked off ebay. Firstly i would like your thoughts on ac/dc bootleg vinyls, and secondly ive picked up a couple of japanese album picture discs(high voltage and let there be rock. Must say very stunning, but got one kicked off ebay through a anal collector moaning to ebay even though i now a true ac/dc collector would love them so how would you go about selling them if you cant on ebay???? I can get lots of live recordings, picture disc's etc etc so if anyone's intrested feel free to get in touch..........
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Date Posted: 11/11/2010

Do you have a list of BOOTS you want to sell? If you do please email it to me with prices. Thank you in advance. Carl (

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