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Looking for Bon In South Spain
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Country: Spain
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Date Posted: 03/29/2013

Hi Guys, We have an AC/DC cover band in Andalucia, South of Spain. We are looking for a new singer, preferably Bon although we also like Brian. If any of you live around this area and like singing ACDC, it would be very nice if we meet and spend some time jamming. At least we´d share some beers while playing our favourites songs ;-) Now In Spanish: Que tal, Tenemos una banda de versiones en Andalucia. Buscamos cantante, preferiblemente Bon, aunque tambien nos gusta Brian. Si vives por la zona y te gusta cantar ACDC, contacta conmigo y probamos una tarde. Nuestra dinamica de ensayos es muy cómoda, un par de ensayos mensuales y un concierto al mes. Animate, que como mínimo echaremos una cervecitas tocando nuestras canciones favoritas ;-) Saludos.

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