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2006 Superstar Concert Series (Radio Live Show) #06-31 USA, Promo, Special Edition
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Date Posted: 08/21/2013

Another great broadcast from Westwood One 'Concert Series' with a great show (#06-31) broadcasted weekend of July 29/30, 2006. This time it is from one of the 1979 Hammersmith Odeon (London) shows with some great songs taken from the gig. Track list for this broadcast with commercials includes: 1) Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be/Sin City/Walk All Over You 2) The Jack/Highway To Hell 3) Girls Got Rhythm/High Voltage 4) If You Want Blood (You've Got It)/Let There Be Rock 5) Show Promo 6-16) Commercials Please PM for link Cue sheet and cover included within file Cheers ;)


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Date Posted: 29 days ago

Another broadcast for the great man and channel for the Bootleg and items. Promotion of the boot leg and academized reviews are refined for the flow of the offers. The stint is regulated for the challenges for the boot leg for AL ideal paths for the turns and aspects.


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