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Lost 3 Videos due to Ext HD failure
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Date Posted: 07/18/2015

Unfortunately I lost 3 of my favorite ACDC vids due to an external HD failure (approx 70% of data lost was live audio and video/DVDs of my favorite bands).I managed to get quite a bit back after a tedious search of data discs I have, the rest I'm hoping to get back at some point in the future. I'm in no hurry.There are 3 ACDC Videos I could not find on any backup disc I have.They are from the "Rollin' Bolan" TV Show.The first two vids are on one file, Livewire & Can I sit next To You Girl (seamless play between the two--Livewire ends, applause from the crowd, Bon says "Thank You" and Can I Sit Next To You Girl Starts).The third Vid is Jailbreak (I have a version on an old data disc but the video isnt the greatest..the speed is a bit slow & the audio isnt synced). The one I lost was speed corrected, perfect audio sync (not sure if its studio audio or live though since the sync looks to be perfect when I inspected the video numerous times) & the video was superb. I hate the thought of not being able to get copies of these back in my collection. I downloaded them from somewhere  but i can't find them anywhere now.If anyone has any info on how & where I can get these back, it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance...have a good one & For Those About To Rock..I Salute You.


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