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Aug 14, 2009 - Taken by mr-riff   

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AC/DC 2015-05-28 Barcelona Pelle Remaster 16-44
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Date Posted: 01/17/2017

Pelle said to give a try too improve the sound.

i gave it try don't know if its better.

Estadi Olímpic Lluis Companys 
attendance > 50.000 


01 Intro 
02 Rock or Bust 
03 Shoot To Thrill 
04 Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 
05 Back In Black 
06 Play Ball 
07 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
08 Thunderstruck 
09 High Voltage 
10 Rock N Roll Train 
11 Hells Bells 
12 Baptism By Fire 
13 You Shook Me All Night Long 
14 Sin City 
15 Shot Down In Flames 
16 Have A Drink On Me 
17 T.N.T. 
18 Whole Lotta Rosie 
19 Let There Be Rock 
(with Angus Young guitar solo) 
20 encore break 
21 Highway To Hell 
22 For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) 

taper: Pelle /Pelino 

lineage: Olympus LS-14 (internal micros, mic gain low, rec level set to 0, limiter set to "music") > SD card > PC > Adobe Audition 2.0 (track spilitting + conversion 24/96 -> 16/44)> FlacFrontend level6 

location: end right corner of the stadium, upper middle level of the seats, sector 106, row 35. 

What I will always remember about last night, apart the brilliant shape of all the band components, singer included, is the extreme loudness of the music, well above my tolerance threshold, and incredibly distorted... 
In a way, the recording turns much better than I thought when listening to the performance. So it is not a perfect recording, but this is due to the relatively poor mixing or quality of the loudspeakers, or the bad position of my seat respect to the music arrangement (well, if so I want my money back, I am sorry. the ticket was not cheap at all for my budget, and my ears are still ringing). Well, at least I was lucky that without holding any expensive and great equipment, I had the whole row beside me empty and none behind, so no noisy and drunk Spanish guys shading or affecting the sound, only some people on the sides, but behaving once the song started... the crowd chatting intrusion over the songs is then minimal, and the LS-14 recorder well performed, even if sometimes you can judge that the recording turns out too hot... 
The electrifing atmosphere of the whole stadium enjoying the act is well preserved and vocals and instruments turn out quite nice, on the par or even better of the other shared recording of this tour. 
Well, I am very keen to get your appreciation and opinions about, see that this is the first recording I made of a concert in a large stadium, and with the help of your technical suggestions I can only improve my skills. 

This is the low quality (44 KHz frequency range - 16 bits resolution) raw recording, 
maybe can be improved somehow (even if I doubt it...). A higher version (96 KHz - 24 bits) has been already shared here ( 

Enjoy it! 

may 2015
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Date Posted: 01/20/2017

Thank you very much!  I'll have to compare to the Pelle version I have.


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